We can now fix many simple computer problems through the Internet. With the assistance of the industry leading GoToAssist software, and with your permission, we can securely connect to your computer, view your screen, and control your mouse and keyboard. We will be able to instantly fix problems, answer questions, or demonstrate how to use programs. We are able to offer you support whether you are at home, at work, or while you are traveling nationally or abroad; as long as you can connect to the Internet.

We offer this service at a reduced rate of $15/quarter hour, which is less than our standard hourly rate; plus we don’t charge our on-site fee. We are able to offer such discounts by eliminating the need to travel to your location, and we are able to service more people. However, this service will not replace our on-site service completely, as many complex problems can’t be solved remotely.

Our hope is that you will be less hesitant to call for simple questions as they arise to eliminate the need tor waiting until something is “really” broken before you call. As always our goal is to provide you quality service when you need it.