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MozyHome Unlimited No More, Introduces New Pricing

Our favorite online backup service Mozy is no longer offering its unlimited backup package, and is introducing a new pricing scheme.

50GB for $5.99 per month (includes backup for 1 computer)
125GB for $9.99 per month (includes backup for up to 3 computers)

You can add another computer for an additional $2.00 per month. And additional storage in 20GB increments for $2.00 per month. Basically, want another computer? Ok, $2.00 more per month. Want 20GB more storage? Ok, $2.00 more per month.

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DreamHost Webmail Downtime 4/14 8pm PST

Dreamhost is scheduling a webmail upgrade which will take down all webmail services for about 2 hours. The maintenance window is scheduled for Apr. 14th 8pm PST and should last for about 2 hours.


DreamHost Network Maintenance

DreamHost is scheduling a network maintenance window between 11pm April 18th and 3am April 19th, 2010. Some disruption of service is expected as customer-facing switches are rebooted. Read the rest of this entry »


DreamHost Panel Maintenance Jan. 19th 10PM PST

For those of our customers who have their websites hosted with us. DreamHost (our webhost) will be performing scheduled maintenance on January 19th 10pm PST. Read the rest of this entry »

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Remote Web Assistance Available

We can now fix many simple computer problems through the Internet. With the assistance of the industry leading GoToAssist software, and with your permission, we can securely connect to your computer, view your screen, and control your mouse and keyboard. Read the rest of this entry »