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Gmail Motion

Google once again is revolutionizing how you interact with your email. Gmail first introduced the concept of labels, storage that grows with you, and threaded conversations. Google is now introducing… Gmail Motion.

I’ve been beta testing this for the past couple of months, and honestly I am pretty impressed. It took a little bit of adjusting to get the motions down, but once I did, creating emails, and manipulating messages was never easier. Watch the videos to get an idea of how Gmail Motion works.

In a word – amazing.



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Free Mainland Long Distance Calling using Gmail

One of the most useful features in Gmail that goes largely unnoticed is the ability to make a phone call from Gmail, or more specifically from Gmail Chat. If you have a Gmail account, live in the United States, and have a webcam or microphone, then you can, for free, call any phone number (cell, or landline) in the US.

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Gmail Turn Off Conversation View

Gmail is a great email service. I have been using it since we had less than 2GB of space available. One of the most common complaints I have heard from people converting to Gmail is the conversation view, and how they would prefer that the messages be listed in the traditional chronological order. Personally, I like conversation view because it keeps the relevant responses together, creating a threaded history of the conversation. But for those who prefer the standard chronological email view, there is an option to turn off Gmail’s conversation view.

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Gmail Down Today – 502 (Update: Gmail back up)

Apparently right now, Thursday Oct. 21 at 10:15am HST, Gmail is throwing a fit. This seems to be at least a nationwide issue per the current spaz happening among Twitter users. Though, Google’s Official Gmail Blog or Gmail on Twitter doesn’t have any report of the problem. It just shows how far Google’s reach is, and how many people rely on its services. Hopefully this outage isn’t too long. Will keep you posted.


Well seems as if it was a very brief outage, about 10 minutes. Gmail and Google Hosted all seem to be back up and running.

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