How much will it typically cost to fix my computer?

Generally most computers can be fixed for around $150 – $350 plus tax. This will cover basic problems such as virus removal, system errors, general system slowness, pop-ups, etc.

Do you have an office where I can drop off my computer?

Currently we only provide pickup and dropoff service which costs $50 plus tax in addition to the standard hourly rate.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2007.

Do you provide remote support?

Yes, you can reach us by phone, (808) 447-9850. If your computer is able to connect to the Internet, we utilize the industry leading GoToManage remote assistance application which will allow us to securely connect to your computer (with your permission) and troubleshoot the issue. If your computer is not able to connect to the Internet, we will attempt to resolve the issue over the phone.

Do you teach classes on software or computers?

We don’t have a formal program in place, but we do provide one-on-one help. Generally it’s best if you compile a list of things that you would like to go over and we will go through those items with you. For example, if you would like to learn how to use Photoshop, we can go over how to open a picture in Photoshop and prepare it for the web or for printing. This way you will learn some of the basics and end up with a usable skill.

Should I repair my computer or buy a new one?

If the computer is 3 – 5 years old or older, then it’s time to replace your computer. Most computers have a 3 – 5 year lifecycle, limited mostly by the life of the hard drive, but also affected by the aging of other parts like the power supply, or the software on that system. You should also replace your computer if the cost of the repair (labor + parts) is more than half the value of the computer.

My company uses specialty software. Can you support this software?

While we don’t specialize in any particular software, we are particularly good at learning how your software works, and how to support it. Some of the software that we have worked with are:

  • Yardi
  • FAME Freedom
  • Simplicity
  • EOS
  • Calyx Point
  • Sage Timberline

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