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My HP Printer Keeps Disappearing

For a couple of months now we have noticed a strange behavior with HP multifunction printers (ed. don’t all HP multifunctions behave strangely?) installed on Windows 7 computers – they randomly disappear. The only fix was to run the “add a device” function to basically reinstall the printer. No amount of troubleshooting was able to pinpoint the problem, and again HP left us waiting and hoping for a fix. And several days ago our prayers were answered and HP released an update which specifically “corrects an issue which causes network-connected printers to disappear from the system.”

If you have an HP printer set up as a network printer on your Windows 7 computer, run HP Update to, uh, get the update.

And of course you will be required to restart your computer to complete the update.

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Use the Problem Steps Recorder in Windows 7

A new and useful tool included in all versions of Windows 7 is the Problem Steps Recorder. If you are experiencing an error on your Windows 7 computer, you can use the Problem Steps Recorder to capture the steps taken on your computer which caused the error. Read the rest of this entry »


Turn Off Security Messages in Windows 7

For those of you who endured Windows Vista and have mercifully upgraded to Windows 7, a relatively minor, but most welcome change is more control over the Notification Area, and the Action Center. Read the rest of this entry »


Enable Windows 7 Aero (Peek, Shake & Snap)

Introduced with the release of Windows Vista, the enhanced look and functionality of the Microsoft desktop experience is called Aero. Windows 7 received a revised and polished version of Aero, and included new useful features – Aero Peek, Shake and Snap.  Read the rest of this entry »