Though, some would say that’s debatable…

Holy crap. It’s literally been over a year since I’ve posted something new. That’s terrible. The problem when you’re a small company is that you have a very flat organizational structure (side-story: Some years ago, I used to wear dress slacks and long sleeve dress shirts to work every day, mainly out of habit from my time spent in incarceration at the UH College of Business. Someone once asked Brandon if I was the boss and got paid more. When Brandon said no and asked why they thought so, they said because I dress nicer. Lol.).  I still dress nicer, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, flat organization. Because of our flat organization I often get distracted (or lazy) and sometimes busy and I let my will to write relevant and engaging posts fall by the wayside. And in this case, by the way, way, waaaayyyside. So one year later here I am re-engaged and re-motivated to write something, though I’m not sure what.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never be able to write as thoroughly as a major tech blog, mostly because that’s what they do full time, and fortunately or unfortunately I don’t write full time. That and I really started this whole blog-thing in the first place just as a way of putting some of my thoughts out there about our company, about IT, and really anything that I think our customers might appreciate. What I have decided, or at least decided to do for now, is to write about what’s currently engaging me. I figure it’ll be a slightly more entertaining read if I’m writing about something that’s making my life easier, or making me happy, or making me want to take my computer out into a field and introduce it to a Louisville Slugger ala Office Space, rather than writing some soulless tech babble about the latest iWindowBBaDroidCamPrinterPhone (unless of course I have some deeply personal and insightful views on the iWindowBBaDroidCamPrinterPhone).

To sum up, I hope to start posting again on a regular basis, and hope that something I post helps you out, makes you think, or just makes you briefly exhale sharply through your nose as you do when seeing something mildly entertaining on the Internet.

Brandon dug up and oldie but goodie the other day. Here’s to your company computer guy.

Real Men of Genius - Company Computer Guy (opens in new window, and is sound, so you probably don’t want to open this at work. Why are you reading this at work?)

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