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iPad and Roadrunner Email – a Problem

It’s stuff like this Steve, stuff like this.

Scenario – customer purchases a brand spanking new iPad, sets up his Roadrunner email, and, wait for it… doesn’t work, sort of. Apparently Apple implemented it’s email client slightly differently on the iPad compared to the iPhone (this problem was verified with Roadrunner national tech help). Setting up your RR account using the same settings you use in Outlook or Thunderbird or whatever, only works over 3G and not over your RR connection. Read the rest of this entry »

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My HP Printer Keeps Disappearing

For a couple of months now we have noticed a strange behavior with HP multifunction printers (ed. don’t all HP multifunctions behave strangely?) installed on Windows 7 computers – they randomly disappear. The only fix was to run the “add a device” function to basically reinstall the printer. No amount of troubleshooting was able to pinpoint the problem, and again HP left us waiting and hoping for a fix. And several days ago our prayers were answered and HP released an update which specifically “corrects an issue which causes network-connected printers to disappear from the system.”

If you have an HP printer set up as a network printer on your Windows 7 computer, run HP Update to, uh, get the update.

And of course you will be required to restart your computer to complete the update.

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After Flash Player Update HP Solution Center Prompts for Installation Disk – Fix!

If you recently updated Adobe Flash Player to version 10.1 and now when you run HP Solution Center you get an installer prompt with the message:

“The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the ‘SolutionCenter’ disk and click OK.”

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MozyPro Database Disk Image is Malformed

For the most part, MozyPro is a solid, reliable remote backup software and service. Once in a while, because of a software conflict, or in our case, a system crash, the MozyPro local database file can become corrupted and prevent MozyPro from completing a backup. Here is how we fixed it. Read the rest of this entry »


Flash Player Install Fails on Internet Explorer

If you have tried to install Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer on Windows XP, and the ActiveX prompt crashes IE or you get a “This tab has been recovered” error, Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM) could be the culprit. Fortunately removing MSJVM is pretty straightforward. Read the rest of this entry »

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