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Clean Your Mouse

In our last post we covered how to clean your keyboard. The same steps pretty much apply to an optical mouse. But what if you use a ball mouse? Often a ball mouse never gets cleaned especially where it counts, which is inside where the rollers are. The rollers are where the movement of the ball translates to X and Y coordinates to move your cursor around. When these rollers get dirty, it results in an inaccurate read of how the ball is moving. Thus resulting in laggy or skipping cursor behavior. Read the rest of this entry »


Clean Your Keyboard

Keyboards are gross. Period. Think about it, you are constantly touching it, many people eat over it, and I am willing to bet that you have never cleaned it since unpacking it from its box. In fact, if you have a white or light colored keyboard, I would like for you to stop reading right now, and look down at your keyboard. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Chances are you are grossed out right now, and would like to boil/scrub/powerwash/or otherwise sanitize your keyboard. Here’s a quick run through on a mild keyboard cleaning. Read the rest of this entry »