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MozyPro Database Disk Image is Malformed

For the most part, MozyPro is a solid, reliable remote backup software and service. Once in a while, because of a software conflict, or in our case, a system crash, the MozyPro local database file can become corrupted and prevent MozyPro from completing a backup. Here is how we fixed it. Read the rest of this entry »


DreamHost Webmail Downtime 4/14 8pm PST

Dreamhost is scheduling a webmail upgrade which will take down all webmail services for about 2 hours. The maintenance window is scheduled for Apr. 14th 8pm PST and should last for about 2 hours.


DreamHost Network Maintenance

DreamHost is scheduling a network maintenance window between 11pm April 18th and 3am April 19th, 2010. Some disruption of service is expected as customer-facing switches are rebooted. Read the rest of this entry »


Windows Phone 7

Thank you Microsoft for renaming the oddly named and difficult to say Windows Phone 7 Series, to Windows Phone 7.

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Replace Local Calendars with Exchange Calendar on iPhone

Scenario:You have an iPhone and have been syncing your calendar via iTunes, and everything has been working fine. You’ve recently added your work Exchange account to your iPhone and now have multiple calendars – calendars on the iPhone, and your Exchange account.

Problem: You keep entering new appointments on the wrong calendar, so the appointments aren’t syncing over-the-air with your Exchange calendar.

Question: How do I delete the local calendars and just have the one Exchange calendar?

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