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Shift + Ctrl + V to Quickly Move Messages in Outlook

One of my methods for keeping on top of my Inbox is by attrition Рonce I reply/complete a message I move it into a sub-folder so it is visually out of the way. I am definitely a keyboard jockey, and if possible would prefer to never have to lift my hands from the keyboard to use a mouse, so dragging and dropping a lot of emails gets clumsy after a while.

To quickly move a message to a different folder in Outlook, have a message selected in your Inbox, then hit the key combination Ctrl + Shift + V (I do this with my left hand pinky + ring finger + index finger), and a windows will pop-up where you can use your arrow keys to select the folder, then hit Enter to finalize the message destination.

Some people are less keyboard-coordinated so this shortcut won’t work for everyone. But I find it much easier than dragging and dropping and possibly sending my message to the wrong folder.

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1700 ft. Antenna Tower and OSHA

Again, something random, and not specifically related to IT. However, we do deal with some OSHA issues, e.g. cable running across walkways. OSHA has specific regulations for marking a permanent walkway. But apparently, it is okay for an engineer to free climb to the top of a 1700 foot antenna tower, with storm clouds on the horizon, without having to clip in the entire way up. Engineer climbs antenna tower, sketchy is an understatement.

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The Difference Between Android, Droid, and other cell-phone-name-things

Even in today’s gadget crazy culture where people change cell phones as often as they change their socks (ed. that was terribly cliche), it is surprising how often I hear terms being confused or used incorrectly. I think it mostly has to do with the media’s influence, i.e. manufacturer’s commercials influencing our perception of the various devices available. In any case, I thought I would take some time to clear up some of the confusion. The following may seem ridiculously obvious to many a gadget-geek, but again, this article isn’t directed at you, so why don’t you go and ogle over the N8 in the meantime. The rest of us will stay here and go over the difference between Droid, Android, iPhone, iOS 4, Blackberry, HP/Palm, and Windows Phone 7.

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Gmail Down Today – 502 (Update: Gmail back up)

Apparently right now, Thursday Oct. 21 at 10:15am HST, Gmail is throwing a fit. This seems to be at least a nationwide issue per the current spaz happening among Twitter users. Though, Google’s Official Gmail Blog or Gmail on Twitter doesn’t have any report of the problem. It just shows how far Google’s reach is, and how many people rely on its services. Hopefully this outage isn’t too long. Will keep you posted.


Well seems as if it was a very brief outage, about 10 minutes. Gmail and Google Hosted all seem to be back up and running.

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Lego building Lego. Cool.

A couple of thousand Lego pieces + CAD design = 3D Lego printer. Cool.