It’s official, Microsoft announced today that Windows Phone 7 will launch on November 8, 2010.

Update: Full keynote available at Engadget.

Great WP7 handset comparison by Engadget.

My provider is T-Mobile, and I have been really hoping that HTC would step up and provide it’s most loyal provider (no pun intended) with some really good handsets, and from the looks of it we won’t be disappointed. There will be three initial offerings from HTC for Windows Phone 7.

Gizmodo provided a nice summary for all of the Windows 7 Phone Handsets that will be available at launch.

Of course the biggest criticisms of the new phone OS from Microsoft, is that it is already a generation or two behind Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. Some basic features like copy and paste won’t be available until early 2011. And as mentioned previously, there won’t be any tethering capability at launch. boo.

Oh, and there won’t be any Windows Phone 7 devices available at Verizon until 2011.